Important Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels on Rooftops

Solar energy is one the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly sources of energy on Earth. Though it is available for tapping by all, it can never be over-exploited, as it is 100% renewable. To enjoy solar power, homeowners need to install solar panels. Rooftops are usually the preferred location for the installation of solar power systems because that is where the panels can receive the most sunlight. 

Here are a number of critical things to take into account if you intend to install solar panels on your home's rooftop:

Determine whether or not you'll run into problems with your roof.

Your rooftop may be suitably sunlit, but is it in good structural condition? Most of today's solar panel installations come with longer-term warranties, meaning they can last longer than ever before. If your roof will need repair or replacement in a few years, it might be cost-effective to install your solar panels once you're done with the re-roofing. This way, you won't have to spend time and money to remove your panels during the repair or replacement process and put them up again later on. 

Also, consider how your yard might appear in the future. If the roof is suitably sunlit now but you've planted trees that will grow tall and leafy when they mature in a few years, be ready to lop off some branches and twigs from the trees so you can keep the panels optimally sunlit. Lastly, make sure you won't be violating any local rules that prohibit rooftop solar panel installations. 

Determine the solar panel positioning and orientation that will ensure maximum sun exposure.

Solar energy comprises both light energy and heat energy, but it is only the sun's light energy that counts when it comes to solar electricity generation. Solar electricity is generated from sunlight, and ensuring maximum sun exposure is critical to ensuring you get the most out of your solar panel system.

While solar panels remain at a fixed position once they are installed on rooftops, the sun changes position as the day progresses. For optimal sun exposure and electricity-generation, your solar panels should be properly inclined in relation to the sun's orientation. This is something a professional solar panel installer can help you achieve.

Develop a maintenance plan for your solar panel system.

Solar panel systems are not maintenance-free. In order to ensure your solar panels keep working at peak efficiency, it is important that you plan how to keep the panels clear of dirt and debris as well as shading by adjacent foliage. Keep in mind that mounting your solar panel system on a high or difficult to access rooftop can make maintenance difficult.

For more information on solar panel installation, contact an expert solar panel installer.

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