Residential AC Units: Three Critical Issues to Address During Professional Inspections

The air conditioning system in your home should be inspected periodically by an experienced HVAC technician. The examination is crucial in revealing the underlying problems in the appliance. As a result, you will avoid the escalation of the issues and expensive repairs. Also, regular inspection can be combined with preventative maintenance tasks which are designed to improve the performance of the appliance before a malfunction occurs. Here are the common issues that you should ensure are addressed during the professional inspection.

Refrigerant Levels and Leaks

You should ensure that your AC technician has the tools to check the levels of refrigerant in your appliance. This coolant is critical in maintaining the desired temperature in your home. It is responsible for providing cool air and expelling heat from your interior space. If the level of refrigerant is lower than expected, your system might have a leak. Even if you recharge the system, the same problem will occur. Therefore, you should have the service person look for a leak using a detector. The perforations in the lines should be sealed, and the AC should be recharged with proper levels of coolant. 

Duct Performance

If your air conditioning unit is ducted, you should not neglect the maintenance of the channels. In general, the ductwork is designed and constructed to allow cooled air to flow around the house effectively. If the ducts are not functioning as expected, the efficiency of your AC system will be compromised. You should have your air conditioning expert check for leaks from the tubes. If the ducts have sustained tears or other forms of damage, you should commission immediate repairs. You should also make sure that the structure is adequately insulated. 

Electrical Problems

Finally, you should have your HVAC technician check the electrical components connected to your air conditioning unit. Sometimes, when the appliance fails, the problem can be traced back to the electrical aspects of the product. Therefore, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of these elements. You should have your electrical terminals assessed for damage, rust and general degradation. Also, you should have the technician tighten the connections in your system so that there will be a low risk of accidental disconnection and electrical hazards. If necessary, the service person should apply a non-conductive coating on the connections for optimal safety.

AC maintenance and restoration tasks are challenging. Therefore, you should only engage an experienced and licenced company for inspection and repairs. 

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