Improving Your Local Area: 3 Steps

If you are concerned about the condition of your local community, you may be thinking about the steps you can take to improve the area. There are a number of practical steps you can take. Below is a guide to 3 of these steps.

Clean up the area

One sign that a community in decline is the build-up of litter, rubbish and debris on the streets and pavements. When public areas are full of trash which is not cleaned away, it can cause further decline. The 'broken windows' theory suggests that once any form of disorder occurs in a community and goes up challenged, this will lead to further acts of more serious disorder. For example, if pieces of litter are left on the pavement, this might indirectly lead to someone fly-tipping and leave old appliances out in the street. You can combat this by organising a 'community clean-up day' or by calling in a team of professional rubbish removal contractors. 

Install new street lights

If the street lights in your community do not work or if they are very dim, this could lead to an increase in crime and people being afraid to walk the streets at night. In order to combat anti-social and criminal behaviour, you should install new street lighting in the local area. As people begin to feel safer, this can breathe new life into your community as people no longer feel that they need to stay indoors once the sunsets. If your local council does not install new street lights, you should apply to one of the many charitable foundations which support community improvement projects.

Organise a community event

When all is said and done, no matter how much you improve the physical condition of your local area, it will never be a real community unless local people come together. The root of the word community is the old French word 'comunité' which can be translated to mean 'everybody'. You can help to start building a community spirit in your local area by organising an event such as a block party, BBQ or children's party. An event such as this allows different members of the community to meet and interact and other time build friendships and bonds which will help to create a strong sense of respect for others.

Start following these steps today and see how you can improve your local area and community.

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